Higher Education in Kosovo* struggles to develop, as its academic ecosystem is relentlessly plagued by instances of blatant plagiarism. This phenomenon and its implications in the faculties’ communities and beyond are presented through the lens of activists, education professionals and innovators alike, each giving their unique perspective on the situation. Education is considered the bedrock of all societal development and prosperity; in the case of Kosovo*, its fate remains surrounded by uncertainty.

Directors' bio

Lum Borovci is a seventeen year old student from Prishtina. He is a senior student of MAC Lipjan, and his interests range from natural sciences to philosophy, sports, and arts. Lum intends to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering.
Ideal Nrecaj is a sixteen year old arts student from Ferizaj. He attends the Music High School ‘Çesk Zadeja’ in Ferizaj, and plans to make an arts career in filmmaking and acting.
Freskim Nrecaj is an eighteen year old student from Ferizaj. He is a senior of ‘Kuvendi i Arberit’ Gymnasium, and plans to pursue a degree in multimedia studies.


Between the Lines (doc.)
Director: Lum Borovci, Ideal Nrecaj & Freskim Nrecaj
Country: Kosovo*
Year: 2020.
Runtime: 8′
Language: Albanian
Subtitle: English 
Production: DokuFest