Lecturer: Viola Gabrielli

Wednesday, November 1st, 10 a.m.

The industry programme Digital Propeller gathers professionals from the film industry with the aim of contributing to the visibility of art-house European and domestic films, through strengthening the sector of cinemas, distributors, as well as VoD and (S)VoD distributors. The overall goal of the project is to empower, educate and network film professionals, representatives of the independent cinemas, productions, digital marketing and distribution sector from Serbia and the entire region.


Family titles are on the rise. Serbia launched with How I Learned to Fly a significant, authentic, multiple-awarded awarded feel-good title to its audience. The latest Polish production Lampo the Dog received already 500,000 admissions at the box office. With the success of the latest family titles, it is impossible to dismiss the growing interest of audiences as well as creators in projects for young audiences. Family content is a serious business model with its own networks and industry.

Young Horizons is one of the key branches of the New Horizons Association. It is responsible for distributing and supporting high-quality films and series for young audiences. The Young Horizons brand includes several complementary areas: theatrical distribution (Young Horizons Distribution) and online distribution (Young Horizons VOD); film education for preschools and schools (Young Horizons Education) and its annual Young Horizons International Film Festival with its international co-production forum Young Horizons Industry.

If you are a producer, distributor, or sales agent – learn what the platform offers for you.

lectures' bio

Viola Gabrielli 
Head of Program / Young Horizons Industry

Viola Gabrielli is an experienced international consultant specializing in content and talent scouting worldwide with a focus on animation and young audience content. In her work as a curator, Viola has also had considerable success programming and producing inspirational keynote events at high-profile international conferences that have been integral to highlighting the positive impact of co-production, innovative marketing & new audience reach strategies. She currently works as Head of the Program for Young Horizons Industry, an annual international co-production and pitching event for kids and youth media content with an emphasis on designing forward-looking initiatives that are focused on international exchange and network expansion. Besides that, she is the program delegate for the animation feature section at the Shanghai International Film & TV Festival.

Young Horizons – a business hub passionate about content for young audiences

Lecturer: Viola Gabrielli
Wednesday, November 1st, 10 a.m.