Running is one of the most common physical activities of men and women around the world nowdays, and film Free to Run reveals an incredible and little-known five-decade-old story about the disputed right to run and the growing movement of runners. This documentary shows the very beginnings of the jogging of the early ’60s, the popularization of marathons and the struggle for “racing law” – especially among women – against the conservative federation of Track and Fields.

Director’s biography

Pierre Morath is a Swiss professional athlete and documentary filmmaker. After injuring Achilles’ heel during the preparations for the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Pierre stopped playing sports professionally. As he studies history and journalism at the same time, he dedicates himself to writing books on sports and politics. He also made several documentaries in the early 2000s. Although he is self-taught as a filmmaker, his films have been internationally recognized and awarded at festivals.

Festivals and awards

New Zealand International Film Festival 2016.


Free to Run (doc.)
Director: Pierre Morath
Country: Switzerland, France, Belgium
Year: 2015
Runtime: 90′
Language: French, English
Cast: Joe Henderson, George Hirsch, Fred Lebow 
Production: Point Prod, ADN Studio, Eklektik Productions
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