Time and place: 3rd November, 12.00 pm
Fond B92 (Obilićev venac 2/1)

Exhibition How Do I See You? invites you to step into the shoes of young people from Kosovo* and Serbia. It seeks to shake your preconceptions and foster an understanding of the bond between people that transcends national boundaries.

Exhibition How do I see you? is an artistic reflection of the acquaintance and socializing of young people from Serbia and Kosovo*, and the exhibition consists of video interviews done “In pair”, as well as photos and statements created within the cultural exchange project of the same name.

In the center of the exhibition are video interviews that represent the conversations and impressions of young people from Serbia and Kosovo* after the seven-day cultural exchange camp organized in Kosovo* in September 2023. In addition to the video, the exhibition also includes a selection of photographs that record everyday situations through which young people learn from each other and build mutual trust. Visitors will also have the opportunity to read the statements of the participants themselves, and personal reflections on the time spent together, which provide an insight into the path they have traveled, the challenges they have overcome, and the relationships they have built.

The Multimedia exhibition How Do I See You? is realized within the framework of the project of the same name, which aims to empower young people from Serbia and Kosovo* to cope with social challenges and to discover each other and get to know each other in this frightening age of fake news and hate speech. To learn about cultural and social patterns from which they come, and find a point where they can meet. By encouraging young people to actively develop relationships with each other, this project undermines the narrative of division and hatred, replacing it with a narrative of empathy, cooperation and mutual understanding.

Project How Do I See You? is jointly implemented by DokuFest from Prizren, the Free Zone Junior program (Fund B92) and the Free Zone Film Festival, with the support of the European Union

Kosovo * – all references to Kosovo, be it territory, institutions or population, in this text will be understood in full accordance with resolution 1244 of the United Nations Security Council and without affecting the status of Kosovo.