Freedom of Culture and the Culture of Freedom

3rd November, 10.00 a.m.
Youth Center Belgrade

Participants: Jerôme Roudier (philosopher, professor at the Faculty of Humanities at the Catholic University of Lille), Tomislav Brlek (literary theorist), Ildiko Erdei (anthropologist), Maja Stanković (cultural theorist). 

Moderator: Ivan Milenković

The scientific conference Freedom of Culture and the Culture of Freedom seeks to question the prejudice according to which culture and politics are opposing dimensions: Culture is good, politics is evil. The idea, in contrast, is to show that every culture is political, and every politics is shaped by culture. This is the question of free culture and the question of freedom within culture: Can there be a free political community in which individuals cannot choose a cultural model, but only one (cultural-political) perspective is imposed on them? Can an individual in a national culture – and there are only national cultures (there is no world culture) – choose a cultural model at will and at what cost? Finally, if freedom is by definition universal, how is the universality of freedom combined with the particularity of national culture?