In the cooperative October in Belgrade, an anti-fascist lgbtq social center in the basement of a building in Dorćol, Ilija and cat Sara welcome the team that is coming to the first party of the year, after several-months break due to pandemic. Through a collection of conversations, confessions and scenes of the social center, in the middle of summer, the so-called “drought” of visitors, a door gets opened to the world of this (literally) underground commune, the author’s close relationship with the team and place itself, as well as fight for survival in the middle of pandemic.

About the author

Vanja Čečen, born in Belgrade in 1988, has finished Fifth Belgrade Gymnasium, currently studying Concept and Character Design at the Belgrade Polytechnic. She is a lover of stories and visual arts, a whisperer to dogs (and some cats) and a willing host to occasional travellers.


October (doc.)
Vanja Čečen
Country: Serbia
Year: 2021
Language: Serbian
Subtitles: English
Production: Slobodna zona Junior (Fond B92)