The musician Laurie Amat has heard a conspiracy theory involving Joseph Goebbels and the Nazis. Supposedly, on an international conference in 1939, the Nazis managed to change the music tuning globally. They changed the frequency to 440 Hertz. They did it because they thought it would make the masses aggressive and easier to manipulate. This is the music pitch we listen to today.

Driven by her worry Laurie is thrown on a larger adventure into the unknown universe of sound.

As the journey unfolds we meet passionate and charismatic sound enthusiasts. They reveal what sound really means to them personally and what it can do to you. Laurie experiences how sound can heal, how sound can manipulate your feelings and push you to do something, and how sound can be used as weapon.

Is it possible that second world war Nazis knew about this?

During the exploration into sound Laurie brings in her own thoughts and personal memories around sound – anecdotes and humour where you never know which sound is waiting around the next corner.

 What is the last sound you want to hear before you die?


Gunnar Hall Jensen (b. 1963) is an award-winning and critically acclaimed writer and director known for films like Ice Fishers from Syria (2015), A cup of tea (2014), Gunnar Goes God (2010) and Gunnar Goes Comfortable (2003). His work has been screened at film festivals and on television internationally.


Oh, it hertz! (doc.) 
Director: Gunnar Hall Jensen
Country: Norway
Year: 2021.
Runtime: 87’
Language: English
Cast: Laurie Amat, Lucy Amat, Birgite Bakke
Production: UpNorth Film   

Bioskop Fontana, 5. nov, 15.00 / DOB, 8. nov, 18.00 / Kombank dvorana sala 2, 9. nov, 17.00 / Kulturni centar Novog Sada, 9. nov, 15.30 / Niški kulturni centar / 9.nov, 19.30.