Sanela left former Yugoslavia right after the war broke out. At just 18 years old, she went to the USA and did everything to adapt to her life abroad. Wanting to erase her foreign heritage, she changed her name and became Natalie. Now a lawyer, she accepts an unusual inheritance case, which leads her back to her motherland for the first time in 20 years: a wealthy, unmarried woman from Montenegro left a certain amount of money to the Orthodox church in her hometown for them to build a chapel on her behalf. Torn between her new Western identity and the one she had erased, Natalie starts noticing unsettling parallels between her own life and that of the deceased woman, while the legal case becomes her personal one.


Senad Šahmanović studied Specialistic studies of film and TV direction at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro. During his studies, he shot two short films, two short documentaries and many commercials and music videos. He also worked as an assistant director in film and theater. His short films were screened in more than 70 international festivals and also won several awards, such as Grand Prix for Best Film at the  Short Film Festival in Drama in Greece. Since 2015, he has collaborated as a director of the documentary department at the National Television of Montenegro and now he works there as an editor of the Art and Culture department.


Sarajevo Film Festival
Herceg Novi Film Festival


SIRIN (ff.)
DIRECTOR: Senad Šahmanović
COUNTRY: Montenegro
YEAR: 2023.
LANGUAGE: English, Serbian
CAST: Danica Ćurčić, May-Linda Kosumović, Jasna Đuričić
PRODUCTION: Cut-up, On Film Production, Buka

DKC, 2. nov, 19.00