Program editors: Lena Trifunović and Tamara Milošević
TIME AND PLACE: Sprat Bar, 4th november, 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm


Participants: Marija Kucurski (TikTok influencer), Una Bojović (TikTok influencer), Željko Petrović (passive social media user), Ana Mirković (MSc psychologist, co-founder of the Institute for digital communications)

This year’s, the third edition of the Sonar Free Zone segment, turns a bit away a from the established platforms for sharing long forms, and moves toward what has become a part of our everyday life – the reel format. Just some of the questions we will ask are: How is TikTok shaping the contemporary documentary scene? Is the aestheticization of life that we see on such platforms real or does it remain only in the digital domain? What is the optimal amount of personal life sharing – and what happens when oversharing occurs?

In the digital domain, a lot of attention is paid to mental health. However, we are interested in how the digital domain itself affects the psyche – both of the creator and the consumer. We live in a deeply performative world that requires us to be constantly present, but what does presence mean today, and what is the psychology behind the constant sharing of personal content?

Sonar will, through the presentation of several perspectives, try to find answers relevant to professionals, creatives, and observers.