Wild night and the day after in a life of an extraordinary drag queen.

Director’s bio

Petar Lakic was born in 2000 in Smederevo), but since he was born he lives in Kovin. He just graduated from high school “Branko Radicevic”. At an early age, he showed a curiosity and talent for various forms of art, especially film and theatre. Petar is a member of amateur theatre in his city.
Isidora Lazic was born in 2000. She graduated from Third Belgrade Gymnasium – Bilingual French Department. She just got accepted at Sorbonne University – Paris, Philosophy Department. She is interested in languages, social sciences, youth politics, diplomacy and various forms of art.
Jovan Pjevic was born in 2001 in Belgrade. He is now the fourth grade of “Sveti Sava” Gymnasium in Belgrade. The film has always been at the center of his interests. One of his favorite things to do in his free time is to volunteer.


Yaaas Queen! (doc.)
Director: Petar Lakić, Isidora Lazić, Jovan Pjević
Country: Serbia
Year: 2019.
Runtime/Trajanje: 14′
Language/Jezik: Serbian
Subtitle: English 
Production: Free Zone Filmmaker School
Programska linija: Future is here