An old, once magnificent, building, and a very active city female choir in it. The building, a former District office building, was built in 1889 and is a cultural monument of great significance. The town choir ’’Barili’’ won the most prestigious national and international awards and as such it is an important cultural property of the city. And while the building has been dilapidated over years due to the lack of funds for maintenance, the choir, which holds its rehearsals there, cancels guest appearances at international showcases  due to the same reason.

Director’s bio

Danilo Stanimirović was born at the end of the twentieth century in a small town, where he finished elementary and grammar school. He is currently studying film and digital arts at the Faculty for Media and Communication in Belgrade. So far, he made 4 films which were shown at festivals around Balkan and won a couple of prizes.  In 2018 he joined the list of winners of European Film Contest and European Film which enabled him to participate in the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals. Barili is his first film.


Barili (doc.)
Director: Danilo Stanimirović
Country: Serbia
Year: 2016.
Runtime: 15′
Language: Serbian
Subtitle: English
Production: Free Zone Filmmaker School