Sandra Jurak was a secretary in the sports section and a personal assistant to a well-known celebrity. In a remarkable chain of coincidences, she is left without both jobs and needs to go back home to her mother’s tiny flat, to the old neighbourhood she’d left 30 years ago. In order to pay the bills, Sandra accepts different jobs: she cleans apartments, sells insurance, maintains the building and nurses an old lady Šaćira. But Sandra’s biggest wish has been to earn a living as a singer. Now she is 50 years old and 20 kilos overweight. Although “fame” seems like an impossible mission, Sandra sends an application for one TV music competition and hopes for a breakthrough.

Director’s biography

Višnja Skorin, MA in Editing at the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb. After graduation edited films in Zagreb, Sarajevo and Ljubljana. As a freelancer worked at the HTV (Croatian Radiotelevision) as screenwriter and director. Co-founder of studio 3D2D Animatori, a production company that produces short films. Even though this studio is specialized in animated films and film effects, Vanja Skorin’s area of interests are documentaries and shows for children. Since 2011 she has been a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb (modules Fundamentals of Television and TV Journalism), and Editing and montage methods at the VERN University of Applied Sciences.

Festivals and awards

Best Documentary Award – Warsaw Film Festival 2020
Rome Film Festival 2020
DOC NYC 2020


If Only Dreams Came True (doc.)
Director: Višnja Skorin
Country: Croatia
Year: 2019.
Runtime: 55′
Language: Croatian
Cast: Sandra Jurak
Production: 3D2D Animatori
Website: https://www.facebook.com/IfOnlyDreams

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