Letting birds fly in a yellow sky is the most disgusting thing we have ever seen. Deforestation, air and water pollution, global warming, climate change, and non social responsibility in only one word: NOSOTROS.

Directors' bio

Nazmi Latifi is a youth activist. As a freshman, he enrolled in many professional development workshops and in the past two years he led his own two youth projects. Now, as a part of Kosovar Youth Council he travelled to Istanbul to represent Kosovo in the Eco-Fighters Seminar. The topic of ‘Nosotros’ is one of the things he is most passionate about.
Albulena Kurti is a passionate environmental activist. Together with Nazmi she decided to bring to life a reality everyone was avoiding. She has been engaged in many social impact projects and managed to lead three of her own youth projects. She has also been a part of a team that won the first prize at the Anibar International Film festival. Albulena is excited to start pursuing her career as a VFX and animation artist and using her studies to present to people global concerns like climate change.


Nosotros (doc.)
Director: Nazmi Latifi & Albulena Kurti
Country: Kosovo*
Year: 2020.
Runtime: 6′
Language: Albanian
Subtitle: English 
Production: DokuFest