In Praise of Love


While opening the door to his world full of myths, daring encounters, endeavors and deep insights into less obvious currents of social reality, Beto, one of the bravest and wisest people I have ever met, also takes us to the place he likes to visit the most – to unknown. The synthetic world, created for the sake of this film, is connecting a small desert village with Shakespeare, local legends with romantic tragedy happening at the distant continent, current everyday life with traces of the times that passed. Following Beto who is leading us toward the “center of his world”, is also showing the intention expressed in the title of this film the way it seems looked from this path, and brings one closer to the the point from which self-care is revealed as inextricably linked to the care of the beings around us.

Director’s biography

Tamara Drakulic graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film Directing at the Art Academy in Belgrade. She finished her MA in Visual Anthropology at Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade. Tamara is currently working on her PhD thesis in Visual Anthropology. She made three feature films, The Swing in 2012, Ocean in 2014, and Wind 2016. She was the producer and editor for the first two films, and she is appearing in both of them as well. Her films have participated in official, competition selections of several important world film festivals, such as Torino, Göteborg, Jihlava, BAFICI, Cottbus.

Festivals and awards

Sarajevo Film Festival 2020


In Praise of Love (doc.)
Director: Tamara Drakulić
Country: Serbia
Year: 2020
Runtime: 80′
Language: Spanish
Cast: Alberto Esparza Martinez – Beto, Johana Berenice Ramirez Diaz
Production: Monkey Production
Balkan Horizons