During the six festival days of the 16th Film Festival Free Zone (5-10.11), beside the films that open important current subjects and widen our horizons, the audience will also be able to watch a very rich following program of the festival.

The Compass of the Free Zone, the panel of the festival which, for eight years now, has consisted of film screenings and open discussions initiated by the films. After the screening, many workers from the cultural fields, philosophers, culturalists and social analysts will join the audience in the cinema hall of Belgrade Cultural Center to discuss certain phenomena in society and the current ongoings, foresee possible solutions, argue conflicting views and launch an initiative for active participation in all spheres of social life. This year, Compass will open current topics: the increase of corruption, there will be talk about growth and a new hidden language of the right, about the disappearance of our forests and what is left of Tito’s legacy. The editors of this year’s Compass (Ivan Milenković and Rajko Petrović) are joined by sociologist Vladimir Simović, who will present the Declaration of Regional Solidarity with his guests. The panel discussion will take place after the screening of the films The Realm, This is Our Land, Wood and Umetnost sećanja (The Art of Remembrance).

The Realm, Friday, 6th of November, 10:30h, DKC (Hall of the Belgrade Cultural Center)

The Free Zone and the MEDIA desk of Serbia, with the support of the Film Center of Serbia, are organizing a new industry program Digital Propeller. The Digital Propeller will offer two two-day workshops where independent Serbian artists of arthose films will have the opportunity to get acquainted with various digital promotional strategies for building and attracting audiences to cinemas, as well as new business models imposed by the Corona virus pandemic. The lecturer on the first day of the workshop will be Filip Mordekaj, who has successfully developed and promoted a special VOD platform, Curzon Home Cinema, over the past seven years, thanks to which British audiences can now watch movies both in cinema and online. On the second day of the workshop, participants will meet Njuet Nujenova, an expert in digital film promotion from the Danish company Gruvi.

Every year, the Free Zone organizes programs intended for the education and networking of filmmakers. In conversation with will be held with the fascinating Italian director Pietro Marcello, and director Ivana Mladenović. During the festival, the Yugoslav Film Archive will screen films by Pietro Marcello, one of the most interesting film directors in contemporary cinematography today.

Martin Eden, Saturday, 7th of November, 17:30h, Yugoslav Film Archive (Jugoslovenska kinoteka)

On a coffee with the authors gets its online version ant this year it becomes a Free Zone podcast. Although coffee with the authors will be drunk in the digital space, it will continue to bring dynamic, open and interesting conversations, with a special focus on the selections of the Green Zone and the EU Zone of Change.

The promotion of the book by the professor of the Faculty of Dramatic Ars, Marina Fafulić Milosavljević, 50 Years of the Film Hit in Serbian Cinematography 1969-2019, will be held in the multimedia hall of the Yugoslav Cinematheque. This book is intended for both film lovers and those who deal with film practically / artistically or theoretically. Many will be able to find interesting information about their favorite domestic movies in this book.

Welcome to the Free Zone in cinemas and online na Kinokauch!